ILMedicare is a distinguished concierge private medical service operating in Limassol, Cyprus, dedicated to providing unparalleled healthcare to the expatriate community and local residents who value exceptional medical attention. Our primary objective is to offer personalized home care and medical concierge services, with an emphasis on developing comprehensive health plans and addressing every aspect of our patients’ and their families’ needs.

Our team comprises top professional doctors from Israel, a country recognized for its innovative and attentive medical care. These physicians provide their expertise in Cyprus, offering a wide range of services such as home care, telemedicine, and other private medical solutions aimed at enhancing our patients’ overall well-being.

ILMedicare’s approach to healthcare goes beyond addressing immediate needs, focusing on promoting a health-span that encompasses a balanced lifestyle and holistic well-being. We are dedicated to providing our subscribers with the utmost care and individualized attention, ensuring a superior healthcare experience.

Our comprehensive services include strategic health planning, exclusive specialist access, streamlined medical experiences with no waiting in lines, medical file management, preventive medicine, home care, telemedicine, and innovative point-of-care treatments. We continually strive to expand our offerings to cater to the diverse needs of our affluent clientele.

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